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Thank you for your interest in sponsoring one or more of our beautiful cats.  There are many reasons why our cats have found their way to The Poppy Foundation. A few have lost their owners but most have been abandoned for the simple reason they were no longer wanted. Others developed treatable medical problems that their owners felt were too much trouble to deal with.  On several occasions unnecessary euthanasia was requested.  These are wonderful, loving cats, each with their own unique personality.  They all deserve a chance at a happy life without the fear of being put to sleep or dumped in the desert.   We have very few cats that can be placed in homes due to the fact that so many have chronic illness that requires daily medication. These cats will live with us at The Poppy Foundation for the rest of their lives. 


Your sponsorship will help pay for medication, food, medical care and housing.


You can pick a favorite cat(s) or will can pick one for you. You can also sponsor a cat in memory of a pet or person.


Sponsorships are $25.00 per month $150.00 bi-annual $300.00 yearly and of course your one time donation is always appreciated. 

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