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Fuego - the world's sweetest kitten with rear leg paralysis and FIP

Fuego was surrendered to The Poppy Foundation when he was about  2 months old with severe injuries to both back legs, and an injury to his bottom teeth. We are unsure of his background before he came to us or how the injuries were caused. Fuego is unable to go to the bathroom on his own, so his bladder has to be expressed manually 5 times a day. But these injuries don't hinder Fuego's loving nature. He is the World’s SWEETEST kitten. He loves pets, snuggles and playing and is a purr machine. He wears a preemie-sized diaper during the day so that he can run around without any irritation to his little bum.


 Since Fuego has been with us, we have been doing daily physical therapy, bladder expression, and tons of PLAY to help Fuego live his life the same as any other cat! He loves to run, scoot, waddle, and wiggle everywhere and has bonded closely with a few other young Poppy cats. 


In 2021, our spunky, adorable, totally kissable Poppy cat, Fuego was diagnosed with FIP (Feline infectious peritonitis).


We had noticed that Fuego wasn’t acting like himself, he was lethargic, had a low appetite, and fluid started to accumulate in his belly. Thanks to quick intervention, we received a quick diagnosis and were able to provide immediate medical care. 

This type of infection used to be fatal, but with the help of the global cat community, a treatment has been found! Fuego's treatment required an injection daily for 84 days, as well as pre and post-treatment bloodwork. Fuego’s treatment and wellness exams are expensive, but we are committed to helping him recover and go on to live his absolute best life. 

We are so happy to share that Fuego is officially in remission from FIP! He was a trooper through his entire treatment plan and his bloodwork and physical exams have determined that he is healthy and has a great prognosis for the future! Fuego has joined the thousands of #FIPWarrior cats who have received medical intervention and been cured from FIP. 


The Poppy Foundation’s resident cats and board members sincerely thank you for your support, donations, and kind words. We are committed to the well-being of all of our precious cats and we are honored that Fuego is one of them! 

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