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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a cat become a Poppy cat?

There are many ways our Poppy cats have come to live with us.

Some cats have been rescued from other shelters or from the streets of

Las Vegas, some have been left at the shelter or found as stray cats without

an owner. Unfortunately, we are not able to take in any more cats, because

most of our residents are special needs or have chronic medical conditions

and will require special care. 

Do you have any kittens?

We typically do not accept kittens at The Poppy Foundation simply because

we do not have the resources to provide care for young kittens. Kittens

require attention and care almost round-the-clock and we do not have the resources to care for them. On the rare occasion that kittens find their way

to us, we place them in foster homes to make sure they get the best care and socialization possible. 


How do I adopt a Poppy cat?

Most of our cats will live the rest of their lives with us, but we do have a small group of cats who are adoptable! We require that potential adopters meet a volunteer or board member in person to discuss each cat's needs and their ideal fur-ever home. If you have fallen in love with a Poppy cat and are interested in making them part of your family, please speak to a volunteer or board member during our visiting hours, fill out an adoption form (here) and drop it off in person to 3915 Helen Ave. 


I can no longer care for my cat or I have found a stray cat,  can you take them in?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any more cats at The Poppy Foundation. We are at full capacity and many of our cats have special needs or chronic medical conditions, so we must use all of our resources to care for them. Please check out for a comprehensive list of resources and rescues in Las Vegas. 

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